New Server (1v1 Arena)

  • Hello, i'm a new member of this community but i really loved it.
    I liked your fun servers and now i'm here to suggest a new server based on skills. The Arena server is a 1v1 match with a lot of arenas so they can play more than once players at the same time. Check some videos on youtube to see what is looks like! ;)

    I'll be glad to hear your opinion!
    Cya on the servers! ;)

  • Hello buddy,

    first off all thanks a lot for giving a suggestion.

    We already had an 1v1 (am_) server but we had it when I used ws+knife. When that suddenly

    came illegal i had to shut it down, I tried it again later without ws+knife but it didn't get popular again. So now we have knife+ws back and I could give it a try.

    The thing I love about the new forum, that it doesn't forget stuff.

    Normally people text me and I write it down in notepad, but stuff get lost.

    Now I will definately keep this in mind and maybe sooner or later there will be a 1v1 server.


  • I think that if we add the knife+ws system on a new arena server it will help a lot to get popular again, i can suggest some maps and plugins that will help players to stay and keep playing on our servers, having fun and practising their skills (gamesense, aim, etc).

  • yes mate, i think so too. the suggestions would be nice, but not needed at the moment, the time i will do it will be better because maybe until then there are some updates etc. and yes i think thats cool for other people and for our community people to have a server to train with our plugins maybe like store, vip etc :) just different features adjusted to the 1v1 style.