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  • Hey CocoKing,

    You have often been duped by admin and co-owners because you are very rude to fellow players or admins I have silenced you because I have warned you several times to be so rude and provoke me, then I have silenced you. You insulted me…
  • CocoKing

    i just say "join jackpot" and he disrespect me wow new player buy admin rank just for admin abuse -_- UniiQuee. | Manuel {GER]

    Very active staff on the forum wow so many player abusing on this server…
  • h0lte

    Posted the thread Buying VIP.
    So, I want to buy VIP. When I went onto paypal, I logged in, and since I'm from Denmark, it made me pay with DKK rather than Euro, and since one Euro is about 6-7 DKK, I wondered what I should do?
  • shorty

    Posted the thread Awp Noscope server need help.
    I don´t understand the command !Jackpot what can i do with it?