Report c4jensen

  • Hello,

    We were on the server quietly, c4jensen arrived and started to troll. When we finished the map, he was delaying ( proof on video ) until we votekick him. After that he started to insult everyone, a young player joined the server and say "hello" he replied "shut up kid" ...

    Then he started to say racist insults : "eat snail fcking french" etc ...

    After that, he "bypassed" the votekick / voteban system cause we tried to voteban him and then he disconnect/reconnect to escape the ban.

    Screenshot of insult :

    Video of delay :

    His steam id is : STEAM_1:0:447497918

    Sorry if I'm in the wrong section.

    Thanks in advance guys !

  • Hey !

    I was there too and was gonna post something about him. Jordan resumed everything, he was really mean, delaying, escaping from votekick/bans by leaving than coming back, racist and so on...

    Hope you can do something about his case cause that's more than just being toxic/trolling with these insults...

    Thank you!